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    Have you read through the What Road Bike Sticky thread at the top of the page ?

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  • Will do Snakehips. I feel a bit weird writing that! Thanks anyway though!
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    The problem with most budget bikes is that they are really geared up for beginner cyclists and as such are not suitable for the rigors of a more powerfull racer and that's the type of bike you need to look at due to your weight. When I re-started cycling again I weighed 117 kg and went through a whole host of bikes and wasted loads of money due to wrong choice of equipment and ended up doing lots of cycling on wobbly frames and wheelsets or spending lots of truing wheels or replacing hubs.

    MTB frames & wheels on general are made stronger than road frames so doubt you would have felt any adverse flex on those but you need to be carefull if you are moving to road bikes by making the right choices even if you have to pay a little more upfront as it would save you lots in the long run. The two frames that I liked back then when I was 117 were an old steel colnago altain frame which I used with a pair of handbuilt 32 spoke wheels and I still have that bike which I use mainly on my trainer. Although a little heavier than todays alu frames the ride quality and stability was fantastic for my weight. I later bought a racier bike - A Ridley Aedon frame and used than with Campagnolo Khamsin wheels and Mirage groupset, although the ride was a little harsher than the Colanago steel frame it was faster and racier - I recommend either frame with the right wheelset but the Colnago Altain is not made anymore and the replacement model - Master X Light is not as solid as the old Altain - I have heard Cannondale also make strong frames so may be an idea to look at those too but I fear you may have to up your budget a bit to get a decent enough bike but you should be able to put together the Aedon with Campy for a little over 800 pounds and it would be strong enough to race on the famous Belgian cobbles.