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Newbie - Upgrade advice please

kidloco46kidloco46 Posts: 27
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Hi All,

as you can tell by my post count im very new to this MTB thing, after a few track tumbles on my R1 iv taken a year off from motorbikes in aid regain some fitness and build up my leg a bit (couldn't put weight on it for 6 months after breaking it)

I went to a local shop and picked up a Giant Rincon, I know its not as posh as most of the bike I see on here but I didn't want to spend big money on a bike that at the most would see Delamere forest, the rest of the time I just use it for 10-20 bike trips ranging from roads to light off road.

here is the bike ... 448/32672/

Now I know its a pretty basic model and was just wondering on what basic upgrades I could do to get the most out of it. So far iv changed the tires for something a bit quicker on roads and light gravel tracks.

Other Issues I have with te bike are;

Saddle - could do with something more comfy for the longer rides out. becuase of my leg I tend to ride sat down all the time, and push from there rather than standing up. I was think along the line of the Charge Spoon, will that just fit on my bike or is there something better?

Brakes - Is it a big job adding disc brakes, and if so wjhat would I need. I didnt think I would need them, but in the wet there not that great.

Forks - obviously with a bike of this price the forks are how can i put it, a bit carp. are there any bargain upgrades around and if so, is it just a case of buying the forks and it being a straight swap?

Thanks in advance


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