Workstand: Park Tools PCS-10, PCS-11 or Spin Doctor G3?

TomBrooklyn Posts: 6
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Any thougths on the Park Tools PCS-10 versus the Spin Doctor Pro G3 repair stands--or a similar one I may have overlooked?

Doing some web searching, these two seemed to stand out as the best in the up to $150 catagory. I anticipate only occassional use, but I'm willing to spend enough to get something fast and easy to set up and sturdy, because I know myself and if it's not those things, it will annoy me too much to want to use it.

- Recreational rider. Perform occassional tire changes/home repairs.

- Apartment Dweller. Compact folding is important.

- Fast Set-Up/Knockdown is important

- $150 max.

- Sturdy. Not expecting shop quality rigidity; but it's flimsey, it will drive me nuts.

- Weight: Not an issue. I'm not taking it anywhere.

- The PCS-11 looks interesting for just a few dollars more, but it didn't get a great review on BikeRadar. I suspect it's best point may be that it's lighter than the PCS-10, but it's giving up something in sturdiness. ... cs11-32395