Newbie Roadie AND Commutee!!

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Having been a MTB-er only, for a few years now, and apart from a couple of times one summer two years back when I commuted by MTB, decided this year that the car was going to take more of a back seat and I was going to try and bike to work at least once or twice a week (more frequently is not an option, due to school runs, collecting kids from their 'other' home etc) ...

Ordered this

last week ... unfortunately its hasn't yet arrived :cry: , but made do with my partner's bike (a carerra valour - which is too small, but otherwise fine) this morning to pedal the 11.32 miles from my home in Leeds to Wakefield ... it was hard work, but I enjoyed it.

Took me 48 mins door-to-door ... but every red light was against me :wink: , and I had to stop for 3 or 4 minutes to retrieve the parts of the back light that had jumped out of its clip as I went over a bump!!! Hope, as I get used to the bike, and the fitness improves, to get this down to 35-40 mins.

Its VERY different riding a road bike, isn't it??!! (I know - state the bl**dy obvious!!) ... love the ways it builds up speed much more quickly, is more responsive to acceleration, and maintains speed much easier on moderate inclines ... but the narrower tyres (feels more precarious, and I was pretty tentative at speed); the different riding & hands-on-handlebar position; and the reduced brake performance (to be fair, I think my partner's carrera's brakes need a bit of attention!) when compared to the hydraulic disc set-up of my MTB, is going to take some time to get used to I think.

But ... I'll be back on the bike for the commute (even if it is only to get home again today! :wink:


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    ...welcome aboard...
    ...all the way...'til the wheels fall off and burn...
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    ...looks a good bike 8) ...welcome to the commute...I'm sure you have read DonDaddyDs post...inspiring stuff...that's what it's all about.Commuting by bike will add a whole new dimension to your life...
    ...all the way...'til the wheels fall off and burn...
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    It may feel more precarious but I promise you that's just psychological - on tarmac it's the perfect design. The whole combo of man and machine will weigh less, of course, but maybe 5% less - certainly not enough to cause handling issues, but enough to noticeably increase the nimbleness and speed of the bike.
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    I'm in much the same boat as you kevinharley: long in the tooth MTB-er who was away from cycling for years, and now I'm back into the sport via cycle commuting for a few months. On my cheapish MTB my 8.5mile commute takes 35 minutes in and 45 minutes back again because of the hills I travel. I hope to get those times down a touch with the addition of skinny slicks to the MTB and get a road bike in the better weather for even more speed. As it happens, I'm looking at the BeOne Storm too.
    Today is a good day to ride
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    Welcome to the Light side.

    Now wait for the upgrade bug to bite.
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    Don't forget that you're a mountainbiker who commutes, not a roadie who goes off road now and then:wink:

    Nice bike by the way, I've always thought Be One are excellant value for money :D Good luck with getting the times down
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    Road bikes and Moutain bikes both brake, grip and handle in the best way required for what is needed of them. They don't do this in the same way and so IMO aren't really comparable.

    This is true of any cyclist making a transition from one type of cycling to another (obviously some disciplines are easy to cross than others)
    It may feel more precarious but I promise you that's just psychological - on tarmac it's the perfect design.


    Welcome to commuting on a Road Bike, if you like go far very fast you'll love it!
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  • It may feel more precarious but I promise you that's just psychological - on tarmac it's the perfect design
    ... except on a greasy, right-angle corner, seconds after leaving work last night, as I put the power down ... the bike went from under me, and being clipped in and not realising what was happening until it was too late, I went with it!! Have a lovely graze and bruise on my left hip to prove it!! :oops:

    To be fair, I accept that any tyre on any bike would have done much the same thing on such a greasy surface ... but it did seem to happen very quickly ... moreso (in those conditions), I suspect on narrow road rubber than it would have done on wider MTB rubber?

    Anyway ... the new bike arrived yesterday :D ... so I spent last night putting that together, but haven't had a chance to go out on it yet ... need to tinker with the gear set-up ... which I'm not looking forward to ... this has always been a more mystifying art than I can convincingly master!
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    Hey kevin, I just ordered the Storm as well :)
    Today is a good day to ride
  • The Storm 2.0 ... or the 1.0?
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    1.0 for me. I jumped as the 52cm size has sold out now and I didn't want to miss out on the bargain, since I was set on getting a roadie this year anyway.
    Today is a good day to ride
  • hi all, i have started commuting on my mountain bike, and i can confirm the tyres dont GRIP !! a right turn at a small painted roundabout in wakefield had me on the floor as it slipped from underneath me, but i did have to brake hard as someone pulled out on me,