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Please help me choose my new bike.

wideboywideboy Posts: 206
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Hi all i have a couple of bikes already a claud butler Mountain bike, and a trek 1200 road bike.

BUT i really need to get back in commuting ASAP and neeed something inbetween the two, i do 15 miles a day 50% on country lanes 50% on city streets.

I dont need suspension or disc brakes, and id be looking to spend around £400.

many thanks in advance :D

this is the sort of thing ive been looking at so far........ ... 975&z=2139


  • Maybe a cyclocross bike? Do you prefer flat bars or drops?
  • wideboywideboy Posts: 206
    Do you prefer flat bars or drops?

    Would like flat bars
  • biondinobiondino Posts: 5,990
    If you've been reading recently you've probably noticed a bit of a dismissive attitude here towards hybrids, because they're inevitably a compromise. What is it you prefer about flat bars - if it's the riding position (and you find drop handlebars too racy) then there are a number of things you can do - indeed I notice the Bikeradar website has exactly the article for anyone in this position: ... fort-18950
  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,425
    I just bought one of these but it hasn't come yet. It's a good discount. ... _NOW_27499

    A flat barred road back would be fine - a Planet X Kaffenbach perhaps?
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  • wideboywideboy Posts: 206
    TBH i have a road bike but never fancied using it in the dark on a cold wet night because i work shifts, wet slippy roads and pot holes in the dark scare me, on road tyres.
  • il_principeil_principe Posts: 9,152
    Mmm well I'd say get a Singlespeed (but then I always do). Certainly don't get the bike you linked too - it has a triple and unless your commute involves an Alp then a triple is just unwanted weight & another thing to go wrong (unless you are either old, unfit, weak or all 3!).

    Decent SS's can be had for around £400. But even if you spend more it'll be cheaper in the long term - as they require very little servicing and have much fewer parts to wear out.

    Here's an option:
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  • Rich158Rich158 Posts: 2,348
    passout wrote:
    I just bought one of these but it hasn't come yet. It's a good discount. ... _NOW_27499

    A flat barred road back would be fine - a Planet X Kaffenbach perhaps?

    What's the world coming to :shock: :shock: :shock: , Planet X used to be the purveyors of some damn fine hardcore mtb bits and pieces, now they've come over all roady with carbon and cross frames :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

    Some very nice machinery all the same, Charge do some very nice single speeds as well, I passed a Charge Plug in Greenwich Park yesterday and it looked very nice indeed.
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