Hoy's Power Output ( and the guy visiting him!)

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I saw this short video about Chris Hoy on the bbc.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/today/hi/today/ne ... 796283.stm

About halfway through it talks about the maximum output in watts Hoy can achieve on a turbo trainer, and I just cannot believe the numbers mentioned.

Hoy says he can give 2300 watts!
Even worse, the guy interviewing him has a go and he gives out 1000 watts.
Am i missing something?

What do you think about those numbers? They seem very high to me.


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    1000 Watts sounds OK for a few seconds. I've had a PowerTap for a couple of months and can easily register 900-odd for a few seconds getting away off a standing start or putting the hammer down on a hill. I've not yet purposely given it an all-out blast to see what I can get up to, but I reckon 1200 or so is possible for me. 2000 W is way out of reach!
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    He was squatting 250kg by beijing.

    My peak 5s is 1200 at the mo :(
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    I want to see how much power I can give, how do I do that?
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    I have a Powertap

    http://www.cyclepowermeters.com/cycleop ... p-21-c.asp

    It's the best cycling training aid I've ever bought by a country mile (well, apart from my bike itself).

    But you could try an exercise bike at the gym, although this will not be that accurate...
  • have you seen the siz eof his legs course its possible, i read somewhere that cav puts out like 1600watts(i think) at the ends of a tour stage which explains why he has so much more speed than anyone else
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    NapoleonD wrote:

    But you could try an exercise bike at the gym, although this will not be that accurate...

    The bikes at my gym top out at 500 watts. I'm not too worried as the sprint intervals aren't too important for me (I don't race) - it's the L4 and L5 intervals between 260 and 300 that I need most, and they seem pretty accurate in that area.

    Going back to the OP I also was surprised that the interviewer was able to knock out 1000 watts with apparent ease. Maybe Hoy's power meter is broken!

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