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Mini V brake with Shimano Ultegra STI Lever

GEPCGEPC Posts: 123
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I ride a cyclo cross bike (on one ticross) that I bought second hand. It has a set of avid shorty 6 canti brakes on the back wheel but on the front it has a Shimano Deore Mini V brake.

Obviously the mini V it not made to be used wtih STI levers and that it what I want some advice on. Its really difficult to get it set up correctly as there are no barell adjusters for the fine tuning and the biting point of the brake is almost at the maximum pull of the levers. Have any of you got any tips for making this combo work better or should I just get myself a set of canti's on the front as well?



  • AFAIK Shimano don't make mini V-brakes.

    They are probably normal V-brakes which would explain why your STI brake levers go almost all the way in to the handlebars.

    Fit mini V-brakes or Cantilevers to the front!
  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    Campag make a mini-V (aka Linear Pull) that works with STI's (Condor fit them to the Heritage), alternatively you can fit Travel Agents.
  • kozzokozzo Posts: 182
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    Miche Mini V- Brake Performance for cyclocross
  • Mister WMister W Posts: 791
    Mini V brakes are designed to work with STI levers. They have shorter arms to work with a reduced cable pull. However, my experience is that they are still a bit of a pain to set up, particularly without an adjuster. If they are actually mini-v brakes then I would suggest swapping the cantis onto the front and putting the mini-v brakes onto the back. Then you have the better brakes where you need them most.

    If they are full size v brakes then buy another pair of cantis.
  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    You can fit in-line barrel adjusters. I did this with my Spec Tricross Singlecross and they do the job well. I don't know why Spec did not fit adjusters though.
  • GEPCGEPC Posts: 123
    Thanks you to all of you who have posted some advice. Please keep it coming.

    I am happy to stand corrected on the brake not being a mini v. It definitely is Shimano so it must simply be a v.

    Can anyone tell me how a travel agent works differently to that curving metal tube that you usually get on a v brake. The reason I ask is that there was actually a travel agent on the bike when I got it second hand and my LBS recommended (incorrectly it seems) to swap it for one of metal tubes. I guess the cheapest solution would be simply re-fit the travel agent.

    The other option would be to get some of those nice looking campag mini v's but that involves spnding money that I am not supposed to be spending. But then again being able to stop in London traffic is good......
  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    The travel agent alters the cable pull by taking the cable round 2 different sized wheels. Your cheapest option is indeed to refit it. Just make sure you fit it the right way round or it will make things even worse.
    You can tell mini Vs quite easily as the arms are at least 1/2" shorter than standard Vs.
  • BrocadeBrocade Posts: 433
    Has anyone trıed a brake booster for a mini v-brake fitted to a spesh tricross bike (believe it is a Tektro) ? Does it make a difference ?
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