Hardrock (V) to Rockhopper (Disc)

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Hi guys,

I noticed a nasty crack in my Hardrock frame and took it back to the retailer for warranty. They said they can't get a Hardrock frame, but that Avanti would be willing to give me a Rockhopper frame instead (sweet!). However, my old bike had V-brakes and the new frame is disc only. My rear wheel is also not compatible with disc brakes, so I must replace that too. I'm going to keep my old front forks, brake and wheel, for now.

To give you an idea of the kind of riding I do - sprints up the hill (road) 3 times a week for exercise, ~20km ride to the beach once a week (road), beginner downhill trails once a week. I weigh 75kg too... if that has any relevance?

I have thus far concluded that I will get an Avid BB7 brake. However, I need advice regarding a wheel, rotor and anything else I might need. I really don't know anything about bikes, so I'll need you all to spoon feed me haha! I definately do not want anything mad expensive. I am looking more towards "entry level trail riding" type gear, as you would expect on a Rockhopper.



  • Personally I`d prefer discs front and rear.Easiest way would be to sell your existing wheels and brakes on ebay,and use the £50 or so ,towards buying a complete disc and wheel set from www.merlincycles.co.uk.
    I wouldn`t bother with cable discs given that you can get a proper set of hydraulic dics for so little these days.
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  • If I get hyrdraulics I have to get new brake handles and new shifters too. I like the simplicity of cables anyway - I'd hate to have to mess around with bleeding them or trying to fix them when I'm stuck out in the middle of nowhere.

    At the moment, my plan is to get a BB7 brake on a 185mm Avid Roundagon rotor. For the wheel, I'm gonna get a Shimano XT hub, Mavic XC717 rim and DT Swiss Competition spokes. How does that sound?
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    Were you going to upgrade anyway? If not this will be expensive! As good as the Hopper frame is, they have a duty to supply you with one with V mounts if you wish.
  • Yeah I wanted to upgrade :)
  • You don't want anything mad expensive, yet you are going for XT hub, an Avid BB7, et al.??????

    Okay, junk the old bits. Cable discs are good, but a waste of money on a bike as heavy as yours will be (Not trying to be rude here, but unless your bike weighs less than 20lbs, ignore cables. Voice of experience here.) As you can get an Avid Juicy 3 for the same as your BB7 it's not a difficult choice.
    You need a disc brake front not rear. The front brake does most of your braking, so it makes sense to have a good brake where you need it.

    If you worry about cost, I'm sure that your Local Bike Shop (LBS) will have second-hand parts that will keep you going til you can upgrade further. i.e. shifters and wheels
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    He'll need a rear one to with a disc specific frame!

    Might be worth selling the frame and buying a new bike lol.
  • They are giving me a 2008 Rockhopper Pro frame. My original Hardrock cost me $700AUD in 2004. Rockhopper Pro's go for $1800AUD. I figure, at best, I would get $400AUD for the bike and the sale would take a while due to all the old low end components. I really can't be bothered going through all that hassle!

    This means I have $1400AUD to work with before the upgrade is no longer worth it. I am pretty sure I can spec up my bike to be as good as a Rockhopper Pro for that much money. Seems more economical to just upgrade EVERYTHING on my existing bike?

    Avid BB7 w/160mm Avid Roundagon - $70
    Avid BB7 w/185mm Avid Roundagon - $75
    100mm Marzocchi MX Pro Remote Lockout 2008 - $235
    Shimano XT M756, Mavic XC717 Disc, DT Swiss Competition - $235 per set


    The drivetrain will still be the old Hardrock crap, but I'm not really too fussed about that - frame, brakes, forks and wheels are more important to me.

    Avid Juicy 3's will cost me $89 each and I can only get them in 160mm. I would have to get new shifters too. I heard BB7s are better anyway? They are certainly alot easier to maintain, which is why I would prefer them.
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    BB7 are good brakes - for cable brakes. In fact better than some hydros I have used...

    The Juicy is more powerful, but less adjustable for feel and when go wrong, are harder to put right.
  • With BB7s, is it better to have IS or post mount? I was considering purchasing Rock Shox Tora 318 Solo Air forks, rather than the Marzocchi MX Pro Remote Lockout. Will a 185mm brake fit on either of these forks?

    Is the Tora 318 worth the extra coin? I won't be doing really hard XC riding, just a bit of beginner stuff.
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    Tora 318 is a better fork - lighter, stiffer, more adjustable.

    It is an IS fork - but I'd get post mount calipers and use the adaptors as this makes it much easier to set up.