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Just taken delivery of some lovely Dura-Ace 7850 carbon laminate wheels but have heard shimano pads aren't the best, abrasive and poor stopping power. any other recommendations? thanks in advance


  • I have the same wheels and use Ultegra brakes with the pads they came with and they work fine together. I gather some after market ones are a little better. If you are happy with stopping performance I would stick with what you have. The only time I upgraded pads was on and old Sora equipped Trek. Those pads were pants so I ended up putting dura ace pads on which was much better.
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    I have no experience of carbon wheels and brakes but I do know Shimano pads are hard and their rims soft, they even put a note in with some of their wheels not to use curtain Shimano pads. I have since moved to Koolstop pads and swear by them, good stopping and appear to be kind to my rims.

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  • SwissStop black pads are fairly soft but effective. SwissStop Greens (GHP) are good in the wet though a little grabby.

    @ John C - these are the carbon/alloy laminate rims and with alloy brake tracks so you don't need carbon pads