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Kona Cheddar Bike Fest

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Hi I'm doing the race this year and im just wondering what to expect.(How hilly, Muddy?)
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  • I did it for the 1st time in 2008. It was a great event. I did the 5 hour solo event on the Sunday. I found the course tough. Mud etc will depend totally on the weather. It was nice and sunny for me. The uphill is hard going but the downhill makes it totally worth it. It was probably a bit too hard an event for a beginner like me (I only managed 8 laps in 5 hours) but I enjoyed it all the same. I kept pulling in (up and down) to let others pass which didn't help my lap times but I hate the idea of holding people up and I was only there for a laugh! Planning to go again this year if I can.
  • I also did it for the 1st time in 2008 and thought it was a bit censored . It's basically just a bloody great climb (that was also very dull) and a quick decent (which was good). The decent was too technical for most riders so I ended up having to go really slowly because I got held up the whole way. I felt I couldn't be competetive as I'm too big and heavy to really fly up the climb. This was a pretty harsh contrast compared to Newnham 24/12 which had a brilliant mix of everything.

    My advice for the Cheddar would be to focus on climbing fitness. I won't see you there though.
  • Cheers, im going to do the 10 hour sinlgespeed team. Is it quite a technical course then? Plus i dont mind hills.
    Pain is Temporary,
    Failure lasts for ever!
  • There's two sections on the climb that are severe, the rest of it is "just" steep. This mainly involves a really steep sections combined with a switchback turn, but if you're competent and don't mind hills then you should be ok. It would be impossible in mud.

    I think there were a couple of broken legs on the descent this time round and I must have been really lucky on the descents 'cos I didn't really get held up (or hold up) people - it was pretty clear.

    From memory in 2008 the course record was about 14 mins, (for approx 2.5 miles) my team was in the fun catergory and finished about 25th with average lap times of about 25 mins and was a bit of a shock as we'd never done anything as steep before, plus the four pints the night before and a fried breakfast wasn't the the best start in retrospect. :lol:

    There were only a couple of sadists, sorry singlespeeders there, at most 2 teams in each catergory but they seemed to be enjoying (if that is the right word) themselves.

    There was also a disturbing amount of bib shorts on show, but otherwise a good event!
  • Oh yeah, there was so much bike porn there (especially some rather tasty commencals and lapierres) that I nearly did a sex wee.
  • cheers
    our team has a no lycra rule to stop others getting disturbed.
    Pain is Temporary,
    Failure lasts for ever!
  • Matty-Boy, are you the same Matteeboy that frequents Magic Seaweed from time to time?
  • I did it solo last year as the sole representative of the Pale Skinny Vegans mountain bike team.
    The Fun and Competitive classes are pretty meaningless. Anyone can enter either class. I finished 15th overall out of 50 solo men.
    It's steep. I think I worked it out at as an average 1 in 12 up and down. I'm not a climber although I think the steepness worked to my advantage. Normally I get overtaken riding up hill, but as it was so steep we were all walking at the same pace.
    The downhill was a bit wild, rocky and rooty in places. Nothing unrideable though.
    I'll be doing it again this year with the same aim as ever. Beat at least one rider half my age and one half my weight. :D
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  • we're doing it mainly for fun as its our firast major event but we will try to win, we will certanly have enthusiasm and age on our side as theres two 18 years olds and two 16 year olds. im also thinking of entering the 3 hour novice solo the next day so ill have to make sure i get fit.
    Pain is Temporary,
    Failure lasts for ever!
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