going from shimano to campag?

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I have just been offered a set of wheels at a bargin price, only prob is they are supposed to go with campag and I currently run shimano.

Is it poss to mate the two somehow by buying a campag rear cassette for example?

Excuse me for my ignorance!


  • whyamihere
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    What wheels are they? If they're from someone other than Campag, Mavic for example, you can probably just fit a Shimano compatible freehub body and use a standard cassette.
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    Yes you can. I bought a pair of Campag Eurus from Parker which were available either Campag or Shimano compatable. I bought the Shimano ones and they take a Shimano cassette as normal. The only difference being is that they use a Campag lock ring which initially caused me some problems. So yes it is possible but I'm just not sure how you would convert them as mine were already built up that way....
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  • they are fulcrum racing 3's initially set up for campag
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    do-able as above - but the £63 part possibly changes the economics of the deal??
  • Still maybe possible but is it a pain in the ass to do?

    Also I dont run dura ace so not sure if this is possible.

    Thought I might of got away with just changing the cassette to campag!

    No prob, thanks anyway
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    Of those two on the Wiggle website I'm guessing you'd buy the SRAM/HG one (HG being for 8/9/10 Shimano Hyper-Glide, no?) though they're out of those too.

    I contacted the Campagnolo distributor about running Zondas on a 9-speed Shimano setup before I bought DT wheels*.
    They said it was a fairly simply procedure needing nothing more than two 5mm allen keys and a 17mm spanner. The £55 for the freehub body was what put me off.

    * which have since been converted to Campag. :lol:
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    A Jtek Shiftmate will allow you to use a Campag cassette on your new wheel without changing anything else (except for a new gear cable).
    What you won't be able to do is swap back and forth between a new Campag wheel and your old Shimano wheel.
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    I run campag Shimano mixes 8 and 9 speeds and I believe, If you are running 10 speed then the difference in block width between campag and shimano is less than 2 mm. So if you get a campag block to match the hub and set number 5 gear exactly then number 1 and 10 gear will be less than 1 mm out, which I doubt you will notice. Check out Sheldon Brown.

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