Buying Lyrca Shorts, Help with Sizing?

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Hiya, Looking at getting some Lycra Bib shorts, Don't really know what size i should go for, They have them in Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL etc. But i have no idea which i'd be, Anyone know what kinda waist measurements there made for? I know they stretch but there obviously meant to fit a certain size.

Can anyone help?

These are the ones i'm looking at -




  • Not sure on these specifically, but remember as they are bibs they don't need to grip ur waist particularly. I think sizing on bibs is more relevant to height, due to the shoulder straps - thats the bit that you wouldn't want to be too loose or too tight.

    That said, I'm 6ft, 32-34" waist (in trou anyway, I'm not about to get the tape measure out!) and I go "M" on cycle shorts & bibs.
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