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Argh Migranes Suck!!!

matt581matt581 Posts: 219
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Woke up this morning with the start of a headache, which sucks because i was actually looking forward to riding to work today. By the time I got to work it was a full blown migrane. I had to turn round and come home again. Threw my guts up when I got back and slept all day. Just starting to feel human again.

It's like the worst hangover but with out the fun the night before! :x

I think im just looking for simpathy. :roll:



  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    I don't think the recommended treatment for migraines is "Go on the internet and stare at a computer screen while looking for sympathy" :lol: But yeah, they're terrible, I stopped getting them at about 16 thankfully. And most people think "Oh, it's just a headache"
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  • i feel for you matey! week upto christmas i got some killers! not the usual lack of caffine thumper above the eye's type, but the full on brain basher! every time i bent down! not good!
    stayed of the bike as didnt want to have one of those moments due to lack of concentration but i think that was worse than the headache!!!

    you have my sympathy matey!
    After all, I am Cornish!
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  • Mattbot2Mattbot2 Posts: 384
    I had a migraine once.


    You have my sympathy.
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  • Northwind,

    I to got rid of mine around 16, had them for 12yrs horrible thing to have, i lost count how many times i wished i had a normal headache.
  • matt581matt581 Posts: 219
    Your probally right about the staring at the screen thing :D
    I stoped getting them a few years a go but maybe get one or two a year at the most, normally wheni have been over doing it and not resting enough.

    I hate it when people say its just a bad headache, they obviously have never had a proper migrane. I will be fine by tommorow, hopefully i shold be going to Afan on Sunday so i want to right for that :)
  • is a migrane just a very bad headache? not sure if i've ever had one :? refuse to take pills for headaches or other aches or pains, pills make me feel sick :(
  • Mattbot2Mattbot2 Posts: 384
    bigbenj_08 wrote:
    is a migrane just a very bad headache? not sure if i've ever had one :? refuse to take pills for headaches or other aches or pains, pills make me feel sick :(

    It's so much worse, and you often get tunnelled vision.
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  • ooh censored . hope the OP feels better soon then!!
  • Nero50Nero50 Posts: 47
    You get all my sympathy, migraines are truly horrible!!
    I get them really bad with ALL the symptoms, aura (spaced out feeling, flashy black and white vision), numbness in hands, face, mouth, not being able to speak straignt, being sick (every half hour for about 12hrs if its really bad) and the most awful headache, usually on one side of my head that feels like somone is trying to extract my brain with a spoon through my eye socket! :cry: Makes me feel ill just thinking of it!!
    All you can really do is rest and wait for it to go!

    Hope you feel better soon :)
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  • matt581matt581 Posts: 219
    I appreciate the sympathy guys.I actually do feel loads better now. Im lucky they dont tend to last to long :)

    The fact that my girl friend is watching Mamma Mia isn't helping. I've not been paying much attention but so far i've gatherd that some girl is getting married but doesn't know who her dad is. Her mum has narrowed it down to 3 blokes and they have all got together to figure out whos the daddy.

    Its a bit like Jeremy Kyle but with show tunes :D
  • LarokLarok Posts: 577
    Consider asking your GP for a referral to a neurologist, it's the best way of accessing specialist advice and you may be suprised by some of the treatments avaliable that a GP wouldn't be able to prescribe.
  • noodlemannoodleman Posts: 852
    I know how you feel matey. I get things called cluster also known as suicide headaches. Started a few years back and they last for about 3-4 months most days. Get excruciating pain in the side of my head and my eyelid closes( just the one). Make me sick and give me the poops too. Always come in october and go in Jan or Feb. Got some medicine that i have to inject when it gets too bad. I'm ready for my sympathy too :cry:
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  • Nero50Nero50 Posts: 47
    eee that sounds worse than migraine, much sympathy to you noodleman :cry:
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  • Used to suffer from migraines regularly during my teens. Comparable to mild concussion level. A few years ago I started getting them again, never worked out the trigger but luckily they faded away again. Haven't had one in over a year I think, but the memory of them is almost bad enough, You have my complete sympathy.
  • Nero50Nero50 Posts: 47
    I worked out my migraine trigger is cheese! Shame cos i bloody love the stuff! And Orange juice sometimes too.
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