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ste123ste123 Posts: 16
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Ive just bought a Carrera Kraken limited edition as a starter bike, the guy in store (halfords) told me that for the money, the specs on the bike were excellent. The bike is really nice looking but i was wondering wether it was actually as good as he made out. It has avid juicy 3 brakes, a rockshox dart 2 fork, sram x5 gears but im not much of a wizz when it comes to these things soo any answers would be much appreciated. Thanks


  • BikeRadar Review of the 07

    Depending on how much you paid or it, its sounds like quite a nice starter bike :)
  • ste123ste123 Posts: 16
    erm £430
  • Is it this?

    Looks like you've got upgraded brakes and forks compared to the standard model.
  • ste123ste123 Posts: 16
    yeah but the limited edition version
  • ste123ste123 Posts: 16
    ok thanks for that :D
  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    It's weird that bike, it's not actually an upgraded Kraken at all despite, it's a downgraded Fury. Better frame, stronger and lighter and a bit more comfortable. But weirdly fitted with a worse fork than on the standard Kraken. And I think it comes with decent tyres as well, some sort of Conti instead of the diabolical Tioga Factory XCs my Kraken came on. (see in that review, where it criticises the wheelset? The tyres weigh 1050 grams each, the wheels are actually not that bad at all, it's all tyre)

    Nice bikes, anyway! The fork's the weak spot, but if you find it a bother that's easily enough sorted in the future, and it's still fairly capable. Good value at £430? Not sure, I would personally sooner have the Fury, it's not much more expensive and has a miles better fork but it's certainly not a bad buy at all, it should do you proud. People really underestimate the Carreras.
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  • Yukon LadYukon Lad Posts: 423
    sounds like a good deal to me with that spec for 430 quid and carrera bikes are good value for money but the fury looks good, and when you think about how much it would cost to upgrade those parts on the kraken after buying it it would be expensive, seems good, check out this review here ... /fury-9876

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  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    Well, put it this way, I just replaced the frame on my Kraken with a Scandal, and it was a complete pain in the balls. If I'd got a fury or Kraken LTD, I doubt I'd ever want to replace the frame, so no pain in the balls. :lol:
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