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First Of All Happy new year and wish everyone a brilliant 2009.

Im considering building a fixie on the cheap as im strapped after xmas.

I got a couple of options I can convert an old mountain bike looking at changing forks to non sus i got some continental 1.3 slicks spare so they would do for the road.

All I would need to so is to buy a fixie kit.

Or the other option is to by a cheap road bike of ebay and convert to single speed ?

Any advise would be gratefully accepted


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  • I think, although not enormously knowledgeable on this, that you would be better off with the roadbike off ebay option...

    I'll let the others weigh in. They know much more about this than me.
  • Thanks for the advise
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    if you want to go fixed rather than free you really need horizontal drop-outs (the part of the frame fits into). With fixed you have to just have the clean chain loop around the chainring and the cog, meaning that to get the chain tight you need to be able to adjust the length between the cog and chainring, hence horizontal drop outs.

    Therefore if fixed is what you want a road/track bike with horizontal drop outs is probably the best bet.

    Though if your happy with singlespeed,then a converting your mtb with a single speed ring and maybe a tensioner and see how it goes is probably a good bet.

    Unless of cause you really just want an excuse for something new.
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    If you want to keep it cheap, just stick with your current bike. I looked at converting an old mountain bike and the prices soon add up.

    Check out on-one for tips and kits to convert to ss. Fixed is a little harder as you need even more bits if you're currently running gears.
  • yes I agree that single speed seems the better option Im only using to cycle to work and back which is only about 10 miles there and back.

    Im considering changing the forks on the MTB as they have those stock suntour forks and buy changing to ridged might give me a better ride on the road and lighten it up slightly.
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  • Check out : for everything SS you'll ever need (and mostly don't :roll: )
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  • cheers Billy
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    Check out my fixie build thread on here for info. I am building another as soon as an old frame comes up on ebay!
  • what do you reckon the best config is for gearing for single speed Ive heard 42t front and 13t at rear ?

    I get completly lost I want something that wont be too much as new to single speed any advise will be gratefully received
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