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Having only been on MTB's since being a lad ... I'm considering purchasing a road bike. It will be used for occasional commuting (so ideally needs to have rack mounts and mudguard mounts, although the latter are not essential). It may be used for the occasional triathlon I might dabble in, but mainly for recreational use in the dark evenings when I don't fancy the dark / mud on my MTB ...

Not looking to spend a lot ... absolute max of £450. Could use advice about whether or not I should stick to something very budget (eg £250 - £300) or push the boat out a bit more and go for £350 - £450

I have a bit of a shortlist ... as follows:
(price down from £538 to £430 ... 9defy3.htm
(down from £550 to £440) ... arr901.htm
(down to £440)

or Giant and Merida also do slightly lower spec models for around £90 - £100 less ...

eg ... this ... down from £450 to £360 ... 9defy4.htm

or at the real budget end, there's something like this: ... yId_165710

Or ... this looks like a fantastic deal ... down from £649 to £399 ... elID=25458

or this: ... elID=25457
(down from £499 to £319

Thougts or suggestions much appreciated!!


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    Is there any way you can stretch your budget to a Specialized Allez?

    Great bikes, superb geometry and you may be able to get a good deal on 08 models.
  • The Allez is a great first bike and perfect for the transfer for Mountain bikers.

    Also the price from Dales (with the 20% off now) is great.

    However it doesn't have rack mounts so you would need some p clips - but they are quite easy to fit.

    One thing you may want to look at is 2nd hand - The Allez has a great market and once the jump to the darkside has taken hold you will soon want to ugrade to a newer model.

    You should be able to pick up a good Allez Sport (with the better Tiagra gearing) 2nd hand for around £350 or less.

  • I appreciate that a single-speed is not going to help in a triathon, but just in case you have not seen this bargain... ... _NOW_27499

    Focus Summit on offer... ... 360032372/

    The BTwin bikes at Decathlon tend to give good bang-for-buck deals, such Mirage groupset for £499...
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  • VerwoodAsh - what are p-clips?
  • These type of things -


    Which you use to put racks or mudguards on if you bike doesn't have the fittings like the Allez.
  • Thanks for the advice so far ...

    some more newbie roadie questions ...

    what is the order of progression of gear-sets etc ... does it go Shimano Sora, then Tiagra? What's the MTB equivalent?

    What kind of size would I need ... I'm around 5'9, and weigh just under 12st

    What are people's thoughts on the Merida and the BeOne ... both of which I think are lovely looking bikes?

    Do I need a triple? What is a Compact? 8sp or 9sp?

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    ... Do I need a triple? What is a Compact? 8sp or 9sp?

    If you're considering touring as part of your recreational cycling get a triple, esp. if camping.
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  • Sora = Acera (8/9 Speed)
    Tigara = Alivio (9 Speed)
    105 = Deore (10 Speed)
    Ultrega/SL = LX/XT (10 Speed)
    Dura Ace = XTR (10 Speed)
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    I just got one of these: ... e-ec016874

    Mud guard and panier mounts, triple chain set, about 23lbs. I like it. There's a more expensive "comp" model with better components if your budget will stretch.
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