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Fullface Questions

Bungalow BillBungalow Bill Posts: 643
edited December 2008 in MTB buying advice
Ok so doing a lot of DH riding this year and ending it with 2 weeks at Whistler :-D

My questions is what DH helmet would you recommend, I am looking at the MET Armadillo just now but it is a bit plane and boring, Troy Lee has some smart lids but is it worth the price tag!!

Thoughts and recommendations welcome.

I use all 9 inches.


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  • GHillGHill Posts: 2,402
    Never been lucky enough to try one so can't really comment on the value front.

    One thing to consider is whether carbon fibre (i.e. weight) is important to you? 661 and THE are putting out some nice designs with lower price tags than TLD. Depending on weight and airflow issues the cheaper fox and giro remedy designs may also be worth a look, purely from an aesthetic point of view.
  • xtreemxtreem Posts: 2,965
    661 Strike but that would be cheap for you wright?

    Other more expensive, 661 Evolution.
    I know a guy that has that helmet in red, and the paintjob and the helmet overall, is very very nice.

    About the Troy Lee helmets: a good paintjob won't last if you fall very often.
  • i have a troy lee and compared to THE and fox helmets it is so soooooooo much more comfortable and liveable with all day defo worth the dollar
    If you aint in A&E, you aint riding hard enough
  • Sir HCSir HC Posts: 20,148
    It depends if you have a troylee shaped head. I don't, I've got an Arai shaped head, but Arai don't make MTB full face lids :(. I wear a Giro Xen most of the time, but the Remedy doesn't fit. THE's will only fit if I shave some material off the inside of the helmet.

    The TLD's dont come with a crash replacent, which Giro and 661 (I think) do.
    Intense Socom
  • i think troy lee's are overpriced, you can pick up a helmet half the price and it would be just as good. My mate has a specialized ff and he says its brilliant and it only cost £90. Look at some of the pros not all of them wear flash, expensive helmets.
  • Cheers for the input guys, will go shopping tomorrow and see what is about, I know the TLD are expensive but being a bit flash is kinda cool and after all Downhill is meant to be flash fun and extreme :-D

    But will shop around and see what I can find.

    Happy new year all.

    I use all 9 inches.

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