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Desperate for A Merlin Malt Singapore

viramanviraman Posts: 5
edited January 2009 in MTB buying advice
Hi All,

I currently live in Singapore and want to get into MTB...After doing a lot of research, I came across the Malt 4. I wrote to the Merlin people over the holidays to ask about shipping to Singapore and to ask about some of different builds they offer. About a week later they got back to me (after a second email) with a very curt, "Sorry, we do not ship to Singapore."

While their bikes seem an excellent value, I was rather put off by their response. I'm tempted to ask them to ship to a friend and have her send it to me here. Does anyone think it's worth it and if not, is there a comparable bike at this price and value I should look at? (Some bikes I've checke were the Kona Kula, Giant Anthem, Trance, KHS 2000 Alite.

I think XC riding will most suit me, at least initially, and we get a fair bit of rain in the tropics.

Many thanks.


  • That's a shame as the Merlin Malt 4 is an excellent bike and has won many favourable reviews. It can come in a variety of build options as Merlin are a bike builder they can offer builds at excellent prices depending on your budget.

    I have been dealing with Merlin for a while and have to say that their service is usually excellent although I do find the guy who runs mail order to be a bit off at times and lacking in the old customer service skills (that's me being polite) But if they don't ship to Singapore they don't ship to Singapore I guess.

    It my also be worth looking at an On-One Scandal (not sure about Singapore shipping) ... bikes.html

    If you can get a hold of one of these frames or better still a complete bike made with this frame as it is pretty close to the Malt 4 and is made by the same factory.
  • gers84gers84 Posts: 32
    If you can't get a merlin malt

    try this lot I have relitives in singapore and this place comes highly recomended ... 3e2d7bad87
  • Thanks guys...I'll look into the Kinesis...smbf (singapore mountain bike forum) pointed me to a cycle shop that carries some frames! A little daunted by the prospect of building a bike from scratch especially since I'm new.

    Donnie, which Kinesis frame do you recommend that is simiilar? Do you think I can ask them to put together a bike like the Malt 4 with a comparable Kinesis frame? Or will that run me way more than a merlin?

    Thanks again...
  • Viraman,
    I would suggest the XC2 but to be honest there are loads of other equally good bikes to choose from as a starter bike and probably more available.
  • Chaka PingChaka Ping Posts: 1,451
    Like you said, you could easily get a friend to take delivery and then arrange for a courier to collect and ship to you - or even get your courier to collect the box from Merlin (none of their business where it's going) - but get a price first of course!

    Merlin are always curt, I think they must be a bit overworked.
  • Thanks. I'm thinking about going for the Gary Fisher Tassajara...Should be okay for a newbie unless anyone else has any thoughts. Probably need to change the tires for the rainy Singapore weather.

    Appreciate all the help.
  • xtreemxtreem Posts: 2,965 ship to Singapore, i think.
    And they also have a nice selection of bikes.

    For example, the Cube LTD Comp Disc 2009, in Britain you'll pay £680,
    but in Singapore you'll pay £580 for the bike + £110 for postage, = £700,
    wich I think it's very nice. :D
  • Alas, the Cube is out of stock at Chain Reaction...have requested notification though...Seems like a great deal though since postage and vat cancel each other out. Cheers.
  • Mattbot2Mattbot2 Posts: 384
    viraman wrote:
    Alas, the Cube is out of stock at Chain Reaction...have requested notification though...Seems like a great deal though since postage and vat cancel each other out. Cheers.

    I think it's because it's the 2009 version, they probably don't have them in yet. They're receiving a big shipment of bikes on the 9th though.
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