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knee/shin pad combo?

Mark909Mark909 Posts: 456
edited December 2008 in MTB beginners
Whats the best knee/shin pad combo to buy?


  • Mark,

    Is that for DH or XC/All Mountain, please can you elaberate..


  • GHillGHill Posts: 2,402
    And just to be totally clear (for the dullards like me :wink: ) are you looking for pads that can be worn separately (i.e. just knee and just shin) that can also be combined or is an all in one OK?
  • Dainese knee, shin, ankle for DH.
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  • Mark909Mark909 Posts: 456
    I just want some that i can wear for visits to trail centres and the like. Stainburns not too far away from me
  • T-XCT-XC Posts: 38
    I have some 661 Race Lite Knee/Shin guards (2009). i have found them comfortable to wear all day, and really do save your legs. i reccomend them.
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  • tombate911tombate911 Posts: 1,590
    i would recommend 661 pads, i have been using mine (race lites) for around a year and a half, they have saved me many times including today and they saved me once again when i stacked it fairly hard while hitting a drop over at my local trail,
  • Hi there, as a relative beginner to this MTB lark, I went over the handlebars one night and promptly bought a set of cheap pads just in case I decided to carry on with the lark. Well I have carried on, and I've worn Brand X pads (knee and shin/elbow and foreArm) the last 15 times I've been out. Never found them a bother and good value too.
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