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661 Race Knee+Shin

Yukon LadYukon Lad Posts: 423
edited December 2008 in MTB buying advice
What are 661 race knne and shin pads like, i was going to get a pair of racelites cos they are cheapish but people say that they move around too much and i've found some race knee and shins for 40 quid at wheelbase, what are race pads like for general trail riding where i want protection for crashes, pedal digs and the occasional flying rock, i haven't thought about pads before but after a big crash i've realised as i try new things and ride faster and harder i might want to invest in better protection.
Are they well-ventilated, are they secure and do they offer a good amount of protection and if not what else should i consider (max. budget of 50 quid)

Many thanks, Yukon Lad

P.S check out wheelbase as they seem to have some good prices on gear at the minute
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  • Sir HCSir HC Posts: 20,148
    Topic moved. Next time include the link to the topic in the PM, otherwise I've got to searched for it.

    Back on topic, I've used Dainese knee/shins for years. Still on the same set I bought 4 years ago, frequent washing keeps them smelling nice. They stay in position and you can ride all day in them.
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  • dave_hilldave_hill Posts: 3,877
    Also consider RaceFace Rally FR. They're longer than the 661s and the Dainese so the cover your shins right down to the ankle and they also rest on top of your foot/shoe - the will NOT move at all and are comfortable enough for all-day wear.

    In this weather they help to keep your knees warm too but they can get a bit sweaty in the height of summer. Having said that I had no problem wearing them all day at Kirroughtree in August this year.
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  • Chaka PingChaka Ping Posts: 1,451
    The 661 Race is a great pad, but a bit hot and bulky for XC riding - if that's what you were planning.

    I don't use mine much now, I tend to wear separate Veggie 661 knee and shin pads.

    If I'm riding on SPDs I often just wear the knees, if I'm using flats I usually just wear the shins (to prevent pedal gouge) unless it's rocky.

    Wish I'd had the shins or the Race pads on yeseterday though, nasty gash and bruise on leg from coming off the northshore at Dalby.
  • I use '09 661 race knee/shin and elbow/forearm when I go into derbyshire, they're comfy enough for an all day ride with a lot of pedalling and seem cool enough (in winter :lol: ), so can't really comment on summer riding yet. However, I wouldn't dream of riding XC with them on. Like any hard pad, they are worn for the rocks/downs, putting up with them on the ups/flat is the sacrifice you make. In your case i'd say look at soft pads if it's mainly XC.

    However, having tried on every pad brand there is before buying i'd say try before you buy. Like most things, leg shape/size etc play a big part in which one's will suit you.
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  • Thanks for moving the topic Sir HC, i'll include the link next time.

    I'll have a look at race face and dainese then, what i'll probably do is stick them in my camelbak or strap them to the outside on the ascent and then wear them on the descent where i'm more likely to lose a pedal or fall off at a speed where i'll need pads. I'll find somewhere near me that sells what i'm looking for. For dainese what pads specifically should i be looking for considering the attributes they must have.

    Thanks for the help, Yukon Lad
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