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Glentress on 28th

trailpuppettrailpuppet Posts: 381
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Been riding there for a few yrs now and never seen it so busy.
Trails were dry and hard in most places, temp was a bit on the chilly side but the sun shone all day.


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  • Yep, it was VERY busy on Saturday. Was there with 2 of my buddies doing most of the red route. Trail up from the hub looked a bit like a convoy at times!

    Think I probably saw your group - funnily enough crossed my mind to wonder if anyone from the forum was out & about! Will say hi next time now I know some faces to look out for.
  • Might not see many of us there for a while.

    Some were from down south, Leeds etc.

    My 6 are from Dumfries & a couple from the Motherwell area who do ride there regularly(guy in red on Turner)
  • DaveyLDaveyL Posts: 5,167
    Was there on Tuesday and saw more folk on the Black route than I ever have before.

    Cracking view from above the first shelter:

    Le Blaireau (1)
  • Likewise DaveyL..never seen so many people ever and I`ve been going there since B7Stanes.

    Camera decided to freeze up so I did`nt get as many pics as usual and what I did were a bit blurred
  • ivancarlosivancarlos Posts: 1,034
    In contrast I was there on Xmas eve and have never seen it so quiet :D .

    BTW has anyone been there in the last few days as I was wondering how it is faring with all the frozen weather recently?
    I have pain!
  • DaveyLDaveyL Posts: 5,167
    Was fine on the 30th. A bit fristy/icy on the upper reaches of the black route, with a light dusting of snow in places (see above) but still rideable.
    Le Blaireau (1)
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