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Chieveley - Evan s Ride It

heavy_ratheavy_rat Posts: 264
edited January 2009 in MTB rides
I've signed up for the Evans Ride around Chieveley. I'm looking for advice on what the terrain will be like it. Is it hily, technical? What would be the best bike to bring, Full Suss or Hardtail etc?


  • heavy_ratheavy_rat Posts: 264
  • Dr SDr S Posts: 146
    Pretty smooth round here, short travel FS or hardtail is the order of the day. Hillage is mild to occasional moderate.

    Cheers Nick
    Kona Kula Supreme, the hardtail
    Scott Spark 20 the softtail
    Cannondale CAAD9 the roadie
  • Ah I was thinking of going along to that. Anyone doing it on their own? I doubt my now missing :wink: ride partner would be interested. In all fairness to him it is bloody cold!

    What type of riders turn up for these offroad rides? To be honest I'm not fit like the lycra XC keenies and I know my buddy will be even more put off by being half the fitness of everyone else. I'm certainly not unfit though.... Smooth & mild gradients - sounds easy. Is the riding good though? Everyone likes a good descent or two! I'll be coming from Reading which isn't far but its gotta be of a certain standard to justify the trip.

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