Road Tubeless Q's

Brash Posts: 5
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I'm running Hutchinson's Fusion 2 Road Tubeless on Shimano 7850 SL's and have a few questions for anyone out there running these.

How have you best found to seal the tyre onto the rim to stop air leaks. There is the fast-air but at $13 a pop I'm not about to use it for every inflation. Also, I've twice now blowen out the patches applied to the inside to seal holes. I used the Hutchinson patches put they went the next ride from a pin hole puncture in the patch. There was no glass in the hole either.

Also, does anyone use any pre-applied sealant products to fix punctures on the fly that doesn't add much weight to the tyre?

These tyres are getting quite a few large cuts in them too, more so than my previously used GP4000's. There are quite a bit softer than these clearly. Is anyone running clinchers on the SL's successfully? I'm considering switching to clinchers for training to save the cost of replacing the Fusion 2's regularly, especially as they are twice the price as GP4000's.