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Folding Chainset?

edited December 2008 in The workshop
I was riding along trying out a few xmas presents yesterday and my chain appeared to have slipped off. I look down and the large chainset has literally torn. The metal has split and folded over. A section about an inch from the egde towards the centre and about three inches round the edge has folded over.

This is an 09 boardman hybrid and has only done about 60 miles.Obviously it is going back for repair, but I would like to know if this is likely to have been caused by the set up of the bike or is it more likely that the part was faulty.

Should I be really angry about this is or is this just one o those things that sometimes happens?

Any help gratefully received.Sorry if the terminology is a bit off or the problem is fairly obvious, I'm not a techie.

2009 Boardman Hybrid Pro
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