New Year's resolutions

Mark Alexander
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For me it's

1. Get more sleep. bed earlier and more energy for the day to come.
2. Knock the odd 'after work pint' on it's head once and for all.
3. Find Ms Right :wink: (into cycling...the holy grail)
Not necessarily in that order!

What's yours?

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  • whyamihere
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    1280x1024 (sorry!)
  • Slow Downcp
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    To not make any resolutions that I'm not going to keep anyway.
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  • iain_j
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    1. Stop eating so much junk - especially from the vending machine upstairs in work

    2. Look after my bikes properly and clean them more than once in a while.

    3. Get some multi-day tours in, at least some weekends.

    4. Beat this year's mileage (should be easy if i stick to #3)

    5. Apply brakes before hitting stationary objects :oops: :D
  • bagpusscp
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    Finally finish rebuilding this.I only have the cabling and chain to fit. ... 672968250/
    Its been at this stage for 18 months :oops: Oh and yes note to self "glue tubs to rim before riding" :roll:
  • pedylan
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    whyamihere wrote:
    1280x1024 (sorry!)

    Can you be a bit more definite? :oops:
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  • GavH
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    To finish building the MTB that started off as nothing more than a bare Alu frame.

    To lose a stone.

    To do a couple of sportives this year.
  • fossyant
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    Keep the miles up...

    Do some more Sportives

    Try not to get knocked off - got to 50 weeks of the year before I was off'ed !!!

    Get a Fixed Road bike - if Bike to Work ever comes in.....

    Return my Retro MTB back to MTB duties.....not commuting....
  • iain_j
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    bagpusscp wrote:
    Finally finish rebuilding this.I only have the cabling and chain to fit.

    My Giant's been in that state for 6 months. I've got the new cables ready and waiting and borrowed some cable cutters. Really could do with finishing the job off, so I'll add that as my 6th resolution.
  • Crapaud
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    Stop smoking (got the patches in for the New Year already).

    Lurk less; cycle more: Lots of audaxes and my first sportive.

    Improve my diet: I don't eat anywhere near enough fruit and veg.
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  • meagain
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    Still be a non-drinking alcoholic this time next year.

    Repeat this year's total pedal miles (6,000+).

    Decide exactly WHAT I want from just a few bikes - and reduce/change the current fleet accordingly!

    Motivate myself to comtinue wanting to live - been a bit of a struggle last few years.

    Do the Hadrian's C2C - but this is extremely unlikely for domestic reasons.
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  • NWLondoner
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    1. Cycle EVERY weekend with NO excuses

    2. Cycle less in London and hit more B Roads.

    3. Finally go clipless

    4. Do Broomfield Hill WITHOUT touching the brakes

    5. Find Mrs Right

    6. Have something better to ride (see above)
  • I don't make resolutions, but I always have a bunch of things I'd like to work on.

    Getting a bloody decent job
    Getting a Mrs SCR-Pedro who is obsessed with cycling and isn't annoying
    Stop sleeping so much
    Stop being so anger-managementy (sic)
    Write more songs
    Spend less time on the tinterweb
    Read a few more reference books to expand my knowledge
    Find a pair of Lampre bib shorts which don't cost the earth

    The list could go on..

    Oh, and I want to go back to France and do some Alpine climbs.
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  • bluecow
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    I dont make resolutions either but this year i will.

    1) Lose as much weight as possible (about 1.5 stones), stopping just before i look emaciated. To achieve this i will...
    2) Stop eating cakes/biscuits at work and when bored. More of that fruit stuff my mum keeps banging on about.
    3) Keep cycling to work, only stopping when its VERY windy or icey. I slipped on ice a couple of times this winter. It hurts and i also ripped my new tights.
    4) Stop spending ridiculous amounts of money on new tights.
    5) Drink lots of water. I drink hardly ANY even though i commute 30 miles each day. I am very very bad at keeping fluid levels up. I live off coffee.
    6) Keep a log of my mileage and try to get in 600 over a month.
    7) Be nice to people. This may lead to...
    8) Meet a nice young (or old, im not fussy) man who likes bikes and me.
  • bluecow
    bluecow Posts: 306
    meagain wrote:

    Motivate myself to comtinue wanting to live - been a bit of a struggle last few years.


    That sounds a little worrying! I hope the new year brings you some of that there motivation!
  • Nuggs
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    I'm going to take up smoking and eat more takeaways.
  • lose about 2 to 2 1/2 stones by Mid August ( a lot i know) but i reckon I could acheive it if i:

    learn portion control but also say no to biscuits/sweets at work when offered and don't buy any myself either

    drink a lot more water and a lot less alcohol,

    keep cycling and add on extra to my commute to burn more as well as get out and ride at the weekends.

    the other aim is to ride cross next winter, i've never raced so it would be something new for me just to take part, plus it would help keep off what i manage to get rid of through the rest of the year.
  • Stop eating chocolate and cakes and such, which means all the stuff I got for christmas must be eaten by Wednesday. 8)
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  • chill123
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    Ride at least one century per month for me.
  • Crapaud
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    chill123 wrote:
    Ride at least one century per month for me.
    Metric or Imperial? 's important.
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  • Doom
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    Not really a resolution person but figure its important to get it down on paper so to speak:

    1) Stick strictly to my rehab so that come June/ July my knee should be as close to fully functional as it will ever be again
    1) Focus on creating a better routine and diet
    1) Save some money by enjoying the great equipment I already have i.e. ride the good stuff all the time
    1) Use more/ better suncream after being taught a harsh lesson after my first trip to the Sydney beaches last weekend

    note: they are all number 1 as they are all equally important to me
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  • bluecow wrote:
    8) Meet a nice young (or old, im not fussy) man who likes bikes and me.

    You could help someone else out with their resolutions on that one. :wink:

    I'm not one for resolutions. I mean why wait for New Year to do something that is worth doing now?
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  • No more 'Mr Nice Guy'
  • markos1963
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    Lose 1.5 stone

    Go sub 25min for a 10TT

    Do at least 5 centuries(imperial)

    Finally apply for a racing license

    Move up to the fast group on the sunday clubrun
    FAT_ROB Posts: 116
    New Years resolutions

    1. NOT to buy a new bike!!! Sorry but three last year is getting a bit silly
    2. Sell a bike (made to be broken)
    3. Get off my arse and commute by bike more
    4. Do a handfull of weekend cycle tours
    5. LEJOG
    6. Mrs Right, and all her freinds!!!!
    7. Loose a stone by March!!!!!
    8. get down to 13st 6 by end of April and still be there at xmas
    9. Not hate my job quite so much
    10. Tidy up
    11. Sleep with as many loose women early this year as I can (Incase I meet Mrs Right later this year)


    Reckon I will stick to at least oh two of these!
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  • Gav888
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    1, change my diet for the better
    2, ride at least twice a week regardless of weather
    3, be a good dad to my newborn daughter
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  • meagain
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    "3, be a good dad to my newborn daughter"

    Now there's one that will be, with amendments to the penultimate word, on your "list" for EVER!!
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