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What Santa DIDN'T bring...

barrybridgesbarrybridges Posts: 420
edited December 2008 in The bottom bracket
Good evening all - and merry Christmas!

Santa was very good to me this year and brought me lots of good stuff for my bike, but I now have a dilemma and need a bit of help.

I am looking for:

Heart-rate monitor
Pair of sunglasses (well, clear lens to be precise)
Warm pair of long bib-tights with padding as mine are wearing out a bit

I have a £50 voucher and a £50 John Lewis voucher, plus £35 cash (and my own money, which I'd rather not spend).

Can anyone recommend good products above?

I am thinking of getting the Garmin Forerunner 50 HR Monitor as it's good value and has all the basic functionality I need (ability to set HR training zones, download to PC etc): ... 217&sr=1-1

Other than that, I'm open to recommendations. I don't think the John Lewis vouchers are actually that useful (they do do HR monitors, but they are overpriced and only the very basic polar ones on there).

Unfortunately, only about 30% of Wiggle's stock appears to be on Amazon, otherwise it would be easy.

Suggestions most welcome!


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