Merry Christmas everyone

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Have a great one, hope santa brought you lots of bikes and bike toys :D


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    And Merry Christmas from me too................................
    Emerging from under a big black cloud. All help welcome
  • wgwarburton
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    ... and me....

    are we sad, or what?

    I got a fluoro pack cover & a new singlespeed chain for the winter hack (off road after a mechanical on Tuesday evening!)

  • tardington
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    100 pounds token for LBS!
    New LD1100 back light!
    Wee bar end lights!
    Cycling misadventures book!

  • Merry christmas everyone!

    I hope I managed to bring you what you wanted.

    I'm just settling down to a well earned pint!
  • snakehips
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    I hope I managed to bring you what you wanted.
    Yeah thanks you old scrote , you really hit the spot yet again
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    Nike Poggio shoes. :D
    FCN 2-4.

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    "It stays down, Daddy."
  • Merry Christmas all :D
    I'm stuffed, need to get on my bike to work all this turkey stuffing off.

    Right.. now where did I put that ferrero rocher?
  • Merry Christmas all. Hope you all had a great day. Thanks Father Christmas for my goodies - I'll give mrs TCS a clearer list next time as she wasn't sure what to get me cycling related so it was all Chelsea related which is sort of :D:( as I'd have liked some bike gear - but hey, the various football shirts are high wicking :twisted: :roll:
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  • tardie wrote:
    Cycling misadventures book!
    So, can we look forward to a review in the near future ... ?
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    Your command, master.