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I've tried searching but couldn't find anything. I'm sure there was mentions on here about using this phone with tracklogs I think it was. Those who have one how do you rate it and does it have any cycling uses? I have the chance to get one or a 6500 slide but was wondering what those who have them reckon.

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  • Search for Nokia sportstracker

    Also the N95 will come with Nokia Maps too which you can use as a sat nav for the car, not sure if the 6500 has this possibilities but look at the Nokia website for more details.
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    Sports Tracker is excellent!
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    I used sports tracker for the first time yesterday. When I down loaded it to the web site and looked at the gps info overlaid on a map it didn't look very accurate.
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    The accuracy is a function of the gps data, which will be affected by the terrain, tree cover, view of satellites, position of the device, position of the receiver within the device, etc. It is not a flaw in sportstracker itself, which just uses gps data applied to googlemaps, like many other similar services. I find most of the time the route follow the roads on the map perfectly, but for some rides (railway path in a deep cutting for example) it can be a bit off track. I think the altitude data can be inaccurate too, but again this is a limitation of gps reception and data.
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    Jake151 wrote:
    Agree with above.

    Sportstracker is a great app but it drains your battery, if you are planning on using it for a 3-6 hour ride i would advise you not to use it as i did and had to learn the hard way, ended up about 20 odd miles out from home on the A40 (swindon) not very pleasant.

    I now to tend to carry another mobile with me just in case.

    I can get 3-4 hours on it (with my n82) but I have an external battery charger that takes a single AA if I need longer, can take as many batteries as I need (rechargeable NiMH). Works a treat.
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    i'd definatley get it over a 6500 classic - the N95 is a much higher range phone than the failry basic 6500.

    it's a good phone the N95 - a nice piece of kit - even if the battery life isn't great (expecially if you use all the radios - bluetooth, GPS & phone)
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    Marko1962 wrote:
    yes, pretty similar, just a bit larger than the AA battery and with a short cord with various tips. Works a treat and can leave it attached to the phone while in my jersey pocket. I think mine was about £5 off eBay.
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    Agreed the n95 is much better than the 6500. Personally I preferred the n82 over the n95 because it is a candy bar style, not a slider, and is less bulky. Functionality is very similar though I think the n82 flash is better, and the gps receiver is supposedly in a better position, but the screen is a bit smaller than the n95.
  • Ok thanks for the replies I'll have a look at sports tracker. A work colleague has brought his N95 in with the manuals so will have a read and a look at his and decide.

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    It also comes with Nokia Maps which I now use for my sat nav whilst driving (or exploring cities on foot, did an excellent pub crawl in Oxford with it recently!), it is excellent, just it is a bit pricey (£50 subscription after the first 3 months free). The phones will also run Garmin XT which is a one-off purchase, but it is far inferior to Nokia Maps. (Tom Tom won't run using the internal GPS, but can be run using a separate bluetooth gps, which I have, but although Tom Tom is very good, having another device to use makes it a faff).
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    N95 can be used with Tom Tom to use the internal gps but it needs a patch with is free, just need to download it. :)
  • i have an E90 and i use co pilot live 6 sat nav. i use sports tracker regular ,just topped 1,000m fyi