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I have more or less made up my mind to get the Cannondale Caad9 on C2W scheme at work however I don't know which size to get and cannot find an LBS that has one so i can get a sizing for one. I am 5' 7" with an inseam of 30". anybody my size have one and can tell me best fit, I know its either a 52cm or a 54cm,what practical differences would i expect to see if I choose the 54cm over the 52cm. your input is much appreciated.



  • I got one about 3 months ago - I'm exactly the same size as you and mine is a 54. Bought mine at my LBS where the assistant who I was dealing with is an ex pro - he's also roughly our size and rides a 54 too.
  • I've been looking at CAAD 9 and i'm same size as you and the guy at LBS that is a racer of similar said i'd be a 52cm as cannondales come up quite big say compared to a Trek where i'd need a 54cm.

    Hope that helps.
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    try a 52 ... i am 5ft 6 with a 29" inside leg and i ride a 50 ... i used to have a 52 and it was marginally too big for me ...

    u r better to buy a longer stem and play around with saddle/stem height than being stuck with a frame that is too big ... i know this from experience ...

    btw ... it's a six13 i ride now ... was a caad5 before ... but all the same geometry ...