shimano hub bearing service!! (where to buy new bearings)

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My wheels/hubs are in need of attention, I think 5 years without touching them has taken its toll!!!!!!!!!!
I cant seem to find replacement bearings, I read on one of the websites that you can no longer buy the parts, is this true?
Are there other parts out there made by another company that will fit, Or will a a good clean of the existing bearings be ok or are they shot!!!


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  • stu8975
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    What model hubs? or what size bearings if you know? For loose bearings most use 3/16" bearing in the front and 1/4" in the back, both should be easily available from you LBS or any other bike shop. Cartridge (sealed) will require the bearing number to get a replacement. But also check to see if your hub is not worn out.
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    If they're Shimano hubs, they'll be loose balls. Any LBS which sells Shimano kit (and lets face it, are there any that don't?) will be able to get spares.

    If you're still struggling, take the old bearings out, count how many uou've got in each hub, then go to your local bearing dealer who should be able to supply you with loose balls (missus). Just look under "Bearings" in Yellow Pages or on

    Of course, you could use it as an excuse to buy some shiny new wheels with cartridge bearing hubs...!
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    I had similer problems getting hold of replacement bearings for a set of deore 525 hubs. Shimano just dont do them well lets just say they're always out of stock. But try here Good old weldtite to the rescue. Alternatively just Google weldtite bearings. I've been using them for over twelve months and have had no problems whatsoever. Hope this helps.
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    They are just simple ball bearings! Just get the right size, usually 3/16th front (11 per side), 1/4 back (9 per side). Or abput 2 quid in total from a bearing supplier. One reason I like angular cup and cone adjustable loose bearings on hubs.
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    Yep, even Halfords will have them in the common sizes (though expensive, and stuck in a cage so you'd need to break it). Bearings are just standard sizes. I like to have a few around in each size because for some reason gravity is stronger when it's pulling a ball bearing :oops:
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