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Helmet/road impact.

merlin321merlin321 Posts: 48
edited December 2008 in Road beginners
Left work last night at about 7pm, I`d ridden about 1/2 mile of a ten mile homewards commute when I turned left at a junction doing about 15mph and my 4 month old SCR2 slid from under me and we ended up scattered across the road.
Luckily it was a traffic light junction and there was no traffic moving.
My query is that the helmet I was wearing is only four days old (Giro Stylus), and although it took a fair wallop and has scuff marks on it, should I look to replace it?
Not sure what the procedure should be after an impact with the road surface.

I managed to break two bones in my left hand, bend the lhs STI, and ruin an Endura Gridlock jacket as well as collecting assorted gravel rash. Managed to finish the journey home though.

This is my first `off` in nearly 3,000 miles and I figure I got away quite lightly but the question of replacing the helmet is the one I`m looking for advice on.
Thanks in advance.
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