That's it I'm done. Merry Christmas to all!

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Right so that is it. I've done my tasks at work and I am now on Annual Leave. Until I build that Computer table and get Internet in my home (I've just moved in I'm not some sort of Internet-less chav) I won't be able to engage in the BikeRadar banter until the New Year. Also I won't be commuting....

"Children its safe to come out of the cupboards, the evil nasty man who posts horrible things has gone for the winter."

I will be on the bike, riding around without a rucksack so if you see me, prepare to be scalped.

I bid you all Farewell Anon, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays (for you PC enforces) and hope you all have a great New Year.

Peace and One.

Food Chain number = 4

A true scalp is not only overtaking someone but leaving them stopped at a set of lights. As you, who have clearly beaten the lights, pummels nothing but the open air ahead. ~ 'DondaddyD'. Player of the Unspoken Game


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    Happy Christmas, mate - I've ready your posts with interest - can't say I've always agreed with them but they've always been entertaining :wink: 8)