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Taking The Piss.............

cheeheecheehee Posts: 427
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Recently someone on this forum posted that they needed a new stem. I had the stem they were looking for, taken from my new bike. I didn't need it so, I PM'd this forum member and asked them if they wanted it - free of charge. I only wanted the P&P covering.

Forum member says 'yes please' and will get the cash out to me.............

I've since PM'd the member to ask if they got it OK, and I've not heard a peep back and they have been online, so it's not as if they haven't checked their PM's.

I know the stem has been delivered as I posted it recorded.

I have not recieved the money for a P&P, I have not even received a thankyou!!!!

I'm not bothered about the money. For me it's the principle, I thought I could help someone out and a bit of grattitude wouldn't go amiss.

So Sheepsteeth have a Merry Christmas



  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Not sure this is appropriate, so will move away from the main forum sections for now (to Sandbox0.

    If Sheepsteeth complains I will delete it.

    I hope that is fair.
  • You mean you posted it without recieving the money for P&P? Bit silly for a start.

    But yeah if it was me, I'd at least want abit of graditude.
  • cheeheecheehee Posts: 427
    Papa Smurf wrote:
    You mean you posted it without recieving the money for P&P? Bit silly for a start.

    But yeah if it was me, I'd at least want abit of graditude.

    Aye, I should of waited for the cash I s'pose, but as it was only a couple of quid I didn't think anyone would be tight enough to not send it out. Like I said it's not about the cash though, but the principle.

    Lesson learned I guess.

    Funny how someone can only answer their PM's when getting something for nowt .....

  • P-JayP-Jay Posts: 1,478
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    Damn that's cold!
  • If the PM you sent him is still in your outbox then he hasn't read it yet. It will disappear when he does.

    He's often out the country too so may not realise he's got a new stem yet.
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  • Sheepsteeth's a squadie. He might have been called away somewhere on the hurry-up. i don't think he'd mean to offend. I'm sure he'll get back to you. :)
  • jacktheocjacktheoc Posts: 1,556
    Yeh ive dealed with sheepsteeth before and had no problems. probs just a simple daft mistake..
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    Well, I was gonna avoid answering this topic as I prefer to keep my private dealings in private.
    It is true that cheehee did offer me a stem and I accepted. The arrangement was that I would send postage as payment. I was amazed by the generosity so on Sunday I posted a Christmas card with a tenner in it so he could have a festive drink on me (the card was my wifes idea, I was just gonna send it in an envelope, im not gay or owt...)

    I got a message on Thursday night asking if the stem had arrived but I didn’t reply for one reason or another, the fact being that the stem had not arrived. I did get a note from the posty saying I had a parcel to collect but this could have been any number of items I was waiting for. When I collected it, it turned out to be the stem.

    As andy says, the stem was delivered but I have a standing arrangement with the post man where by he delivers any signed for parcels to the post office for me to collect (you would be surprised to see how often I get deliveries, and they are always bike parts)I am assuming this is why it showed as signed for on Thursday. If they don’t need a signature, he leaves them in a secret hiding place for me.

    So in summary, I responded once I received the parcel and I sent payment in advance. i have mailed cheehee and offered to pay again but i hvent had a reply yet.
  • cheeheecheehee Posts: 427
    So today I recieved a Christmas card (postmarked 21/12/08 ) from Sheepsteeth. Much appreciated mate.

    It contained a tenner which really is too much, as I didn't need the stem, but it is a nice gesture so thanks.

    I don't quite understand what happened, crossed wires?............... whatever??

    I'm glad you like the stem, and I wish you and MrsSheepsteeth a great Christmas.

    Right back to the beer...... :lol:


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