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Quick release skewers and regular axles

ansbaradigeidfranansbaradigeidfran Posts: 526
edited December 2008 in The workshop
How interchangeable are they? Can you pull the skewer out and put a nice chunky axle and some nuts on instead? How about vice versa?


  • on some of the cheap hubs you can as its just a threaded bar but better hubs have an inner flange for the berrings to run on and these need to be a set width.
  • itboffinitboffin Posts: 19,690
    How about the other way around.

    I have a single speed pub bike i'd like to hook up to my turbo trainer but it has a fixed axle, is it possible to swap a fixed axle for a hollow?
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  • same thing applys, just make sure it is the same size and away you go
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