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Tortec Apex Rack - Anyone know the weight?

KonanKonan Posts: 43
edited December 2008 in The workshop
Question in the title ;)

I'm probably going to disc brakes for next year as I tend to tow around 40Kg of trailer on occasion. I'm going to have to sacrifice my tortec ultralight rack to accommodate the rear caliper.

It's that or change the frame to one with either inboard caliper mounts or carrier mounts further up the seat stays! Which is a bit extreme but I just don't fancy 1Kg of rack.

Anyway, I've had no end of trouble trying to work out how much this particular rack weighs.


  • KonanKonan Posts: 43
    Well, after a little fitting up, I reckon I can get my old set of Giant MPH2 hydraulics onto the frame in conjunction with my existing tortec ultralite rack. They just need a big of a recon!

    Although I may also have a look see if I can get some avid BB5s on.
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