How much is a Giant OCR compact worth??

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Hi all,

While i've been toying with spending 1k on a bike to do the odd sportive on and get fit over winter for my MTB races i've been using this Giant that i've borrowed.

Now thing is i maybe better off trying to buy the bike as it fits me perfect, prob do the job and keep the wife happy for not spending as much money!

The bike is about 4 years old, yellow and black but it has seen very little use!

It has campag mirage tripple which i would change, and could do with a new saddle.

I think it was 850 quid new, but i know he bought it for 150 quid off someone that was skint!

So he doesn't want to sell it to me as i know how much he paid!

How much would it be worth? Maybe offer 200 quid for it to tempt him? anything descent goes for 350 upwards on ebay?

Any views what it would be worth, very good condition!


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    Hi, if you feel comfortable on the OCR and it fits you well then it might be wise to buy it for the right price, I would guess no more than £200 preferably less.
    Bear in mind it can be quite expensive to change the groupset unless you find some good prices on a well known auction site or the classifieds on this site.
    Oh, and don't ask "which saddle" do a search as there are loads of posts on saddles :D
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