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I feel like an idiot after recently buying the time rxs pedals i noticed how do i tighten them.So i just put them on my bike.trouble is i have a new bike and cant take them off well cant take off the right pedal.Is there a special tool to tighten and loosen the pedal ,help just got 2008 focus cayo expert and have only one set of pedals now.And there on my old bike.


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    remember they have different threads.

    the way `i remember it - as you look at the crank (either side) - but the crank so it points to 12 o' clock - then put the pedal spanner on top also pointing to 12 o'clock - then the pedal spanner moves towards the back of the bike - same on both sides.

    the do self-tighten which is why when you put them on your new bike, don't put them on too tight and use grease - specific pedal spanners are simply longer spanners which is often needed to get the damned things off - good luck!
  • A pedal spanner is useless - RXS pedals don't have flats to put them on and take them off. They have an allen key fitting in the middle of the axle so you need to use an allen key to fit and remove.

    With the pedal at the front of the bike, and the allen key (or spanner) pointing forwards, it always need to be pulled up to release the pedal (left or right).
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    fair enough - i didn't realise they didn't have any flats on them - same advice though (different tool!)

    On a side note, I do have the entry level Time 'Xen' pedals - can anyone confirm, are these the same cleats as the RXS? - I got the Xen to try the time thing and I love it - but fancy a set of Ti Ulteam RXS for my posh-bike - are they the same cleat?
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    Time cleats are compatible from the lowly Xen to the ti/carbon models
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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    cool - thanks Monty

    I thought they were as actually the cleat instruction with the xens was titled "RXS cleat installation" - i just wanted to check as the xens will stay on the winter bike and the new ones will go on the posh bike but then I can use same shoes (obviously!)

    thanks again and sorry for the thread hijack!
  • I've got RXE pedals on my cayo - remember that the threads are opposite to normal bolt convention: so, if you crouch down beside the bike, with the front wheel to our left (i.e. croching on the left side of the bke looking at it) then stick an allen key into the centre of the axle of the right hand (oposite side from where you are crouched) pedal. This allen key head is in the cente of the hole in pedal crank into which the pedal is screwed.

    To loosen the pedal, rotate the allen key clockwise, not anticlockwise as you would a normal bolt. If they are tight, then you might want to place a foot on the pedal, and pull up on the allen key. Repeat similar for the left hand pedal.

    One thing to remember is not to overtighten the pedals when you fit them, they hardly need any force at all, as the natural rotation of pedalling tightens the pedal so they wont come undone.
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