Anyone know how much these retailed for please??

Campy King
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Amazing Jersey but the price seems quite high. Anyone know if they are available anywhere else?? 8)


  • bill57
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    I think the Glaswegian reply would be, "D'ye think ma heid zips up the back?"
  • gkerr4
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    i think they were £150 and only available through Rapha or condor

    thats a lot of money for a jersey but if you want one you aren't going to get it anywhere else
  • 6288
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    they had them for £80 in Jenners in Edinburgh but that was with some money off ... they don't look too clever in the flesh ...
  • il_principe
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    Bleurgh. Anyway £180 for that = madness.
  • cougie
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    I would have gladly paid £80 for one - just for future resale value ! They wont make any more.

    £180 is too rich for me tho !
  • proper lovely, that.
    Sounds like it might be a bit snug for me though ;)
  • Thanks for your comments guys. :D