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Kevlar tyres

phreakphreak Posts: 2,693
edited December 2008 in Road beginners
I've had quite a few punctures recently and received a nice cut in my rear tyre this week that finally put paid to things, so I invested in a new tyre and plumped for a kevlar one.

Had my first long ride today and things felt a little sluggish. Could this be the tyre or is a bad workman blaming his tools? :)


  • What was the tyre you replaced and what Kevlar tyre have you fitted and are they the same width all has a bearing on how a tyre feels when changing ! :?:
  • JGSJGS Posts: 180
    Have you made sure it's inflated correctly? I find that sometimes mine feel a bit sluggish and that's when I check the pressures and they are usually way below what they should be (a lazy way of monitoring it I know).
  • phreakphreak Posts: 2,693
    The width was slightly thinner than the one it replaced. The tyre feels perfectly inflated so can't see that being a problem. I might just have been sluggish today, cold weather, minor sniffles or something. Just wondered if I could blame the tyre at all :D
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