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cyclocross tyres for commuting?

shefbikershefbiker Posts: 255
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not wanting to get into which tyre's best for commuting (as this has been covered at length in other threads), I was wondering if anyone has used, or has considered using cyclocross tryes for winter commuting? The other day when it snowed, I couldn't get off the drive on my commuter, so had to reluctantly take to my MTB... I thought cyclocross tyres may extend the useable season for my good old commuter...

Three main advantages that I can potentially see...

700c and will fit on narrow rims
rather more grip for the winter than race road tryes and still lower rolling resistance than 29er MTB tyres.

Does anyone have a view on this?


  • Are cyclocross tyres really going to have that much less rolling resistance than a 29er tyre?

    What conditions do want more grip in? Snow? Wet? Ice?

    I suppose you could try a semi-slick like schwalbe landcruisers.
  • The only situations where cross knobblies will provide more grip is on loose ground cover - i.e. gravel, snow, slush, earth and mud. So it depends where you are and what terrain you're commuting over, as well as how likely you are to get snow, but I'd personally not recommend cross knobblies over slicks or semi-slicks for use in-town. For one thing the last thing I'd want to do is suffer increased rolling resistance as well as howling gales and freezing rain (which is pretty much all we ever get around here) :wink: ... and of course it doesn't really matter what you're on if it's icy.

    Mind you, knobblies throw up less water in the wet if you can't/won't fit muddies :)
    Trek XO1
  • It depends on the length of commute, the mtb will be more stable and arguably safer in the snow (based on my experiences of falling off at the first sign of ice on my roadie but being fine on my mtb) but slower.

    However the mtb will be warmer as you aren't going as fast and you have to work harder!
  • personally i'd try Marthon's in 35mm form i have some on my big heavy hybrid and they cope just about with the odd muddy cut though the woods.
  • biondinobiondino Posts: 5,990
    Knobblies on mud, gravel or snow, slicks on tarmac, dry or wet. Since it snows so infrequently I wouldn't bother with CX tyres unless you're doing a substantial amount of off-road stuff (during the commute or for fun).
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