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Chipped frame...

poolieboydavepoolieboydave Posts: 20
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Got another puncture today, no probs, fixed the inner tube etc. However when putting the rear wheel back onto the frame I have chipped and scraped the rear disc brake along the frame, causing the metal to become exposed.

Any advice as to how to prevent it rusting (will it rust? its aluminium). Do I need to do anything?

The bike is a Boardman Hybrid Team 08. The damage is shown below:

Any help appreciated!




  • Nick the wife's/girlfriend's clear nail varnish. Give the bare bit a couple of coats. Job done.
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  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,921
    I've got some aerosol clear laquer for my bike, just need to get a small paintbrush to apply it with. Beats paying Halfrauds prices, they wanted £4.99 for a touch-up pen with no prices on the shelf I was about to buy it blind till I was told the price at the checkout. :shock:
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  • redddraggonredddraggon Posts: 10,862
    It's only a bit of bare alloy it'll be fine, aluminium will not rust.
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  • It's only a bit of bare alloy it'll be fine, aluminium will not rust.
    It will oxidise, very quickly (aluminium rarely stays shiny for more than a few seconds) but once it's got one coat of oxidisation then it'll stay like that, unlike iron/steel which keeps on rusting.
  • inceince Posts: 289
    Keep an eye on the damage to check the oxidisation dosn't travel and lift the surrounding paint. If you go down the line of getting some paint you may need to get propper ally primer as the normal primers won't stick to the metal.
  • Cheers for all the advice. I am tempted to get it repainted at some point as its quite a new bike, on the other hand with the rate I'm going through inner tubes I'll only scratch it again.

    If I were to repaint it are we just talking a couple of quid. Is it just a case of removing the paint around the area (sand it?), putting on the primer then putting on touch up paint?
  • inceince Posts: 289
    If you diy it then yep will only cost a few quid. All depends on how high a finish you aim for. If it's in a visable area you will need to flat it down with some wet and dry to remove any edges and then for the best finish respray it.

    Personaly if looks are not too important or it can't be seen use a brush paint to get some thicknes to the paint. If it's in an area where there is going to be potential to do damage in the future then I would have a look at some sort of protective tape to the knocks rather than the paint work.
  • With disc rotors you can scratch the pain through helicopter tape...

    Best bet is to use a bit of nail polish and some clear overcoat. You hardly see that bit anyway!
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