Sizing For Track Bikes

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im looking at buying a dolan track champion bike, but am a little unsure as to which size.

i ride a 56cm road bike, which has a 55.7cm top tube. now the 56cm dolan has a 55.8cm top tube, and the 54cm has a 55.1cm top tube.

im thinking i would prob be best with the 54cm frame, as i hear you should be more compact on a track bike?

any thoughts are great, thanks.
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    I think you'll notice 1mm over size, a lot less than 6 under size, but it also depends which stem you use with it of course - It's the overall reach from saddle to bar which you'll need to get right.

    Go and sit on both sizes before buying. Ring Harry Middleton Cycle in Ormskirk or Terry Dolan himself and arrange to go and see both sizes. I'm off to Harry Middlton's this weekend to try a 52 and 54. I ride a 52.5 top tube on the road but use a 10cm stem, so could in theory use a 9cm stem on the 54 Dolan which has (AFAIK) a 53.5 top tube.

    Also check out: ... t=12595706
  • well FWIW, I ride a 58cm road frame, and a 58cm track (hired from Newport). Last night I had to use a 59 as no 58's left, and was told an oversize sr probably better than undersize for the track. The 59 was fine.