Best Hybrid for £400 - Sorry to ask

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I have done a fair bit of research as its going to be a Christmas Present for my Dad and I am currently favouring the Boardman Performance Hybrid Urban Team Bike Large '08 from Halfords.
Are there any other hybrids that I should consider?


  • I've got one and I think its a really good commuter, good position, good spec, fast but comfortable. I would reconmend it. :D:D
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    Thanks for the reply.
    I think I will go for that one.
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    Lucky old Dad!
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    Make sure you get mudguards fitted to it. Even if it's not raining, roads stay sloppy and make riding without mudguards really unpleasant....
  • why are you sorry to ask?
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    I am sorry to ask as I bet the question is asked tens of times a week.
    With Halfords discount and the 15% Vat it worked out at under £400.
    Cheers for the advice regarding the mud guards I will order some today, any recomendations?
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    Trek FX range worth a look, especially if you have a local dealer LINK

    as the fit of a bike is a very personal thing it might not be such a good idea to buy one without letting your dad try a few out first.
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    Well, after assembling the bike I found that the front fork was damaged.
    So off I go back to Halfords where they dont have any in stock! Kick up a fuss get the front fork from the model above this one fitted and as the bike has been discounted another £50 in the past few days another £50 cash back. Cant beat that!