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I'm new to the road. I've ridden a mountainbike for years,but want to venture out more to the road. I also run and would like to try a triathalon or road trip. Any thoughts on the caad9 triple or synapse. And what is a good deal.Found a carbon for 1300. were do some of you look?


  • I have a cad2 and love it but probably completely different now, but as no-one else is replying.............
    I have found the c'dale very reliable and quick. As most will say on here i would suggest testing quite a few sizes as different people have different preference, i for example quite like a big drop to the bars so have a small-ish frame but others will dis-agree.
    1300 seems a good price what groupset has it got?
    Just spotted this for a grand not many size options though?

    http://www.evanscycles.com/products/can ... e-ec000087

    Then on the same site, :shock: ......

    http://www.evanscycles.com/products/can ... e-ec000142

    :? :?
  • Hi,
    plenty of threads on canondale on here at the moment - you can't go wrong with a canondale - I have a CAD 8 which is a really nice bike

    I bought mine from http://www.leisurelakesbikes.com during a sale and got a very good deal.

    not sure how they compare on price at the moment with other websites but they currently have a CAD 9 ultegra double for 1270 and a Six Ultegra triple for c.1420
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  • My good bike is a Cannondale Synapse carbon 105 which i bought a couple of years ago from Scotby Cycles who usually have good deals on Cannondales. I paid around £1250 at the time. Looks like they have even better deals on the synapse right now. http://www.bikebike.co.uk/offers.php?cat=1

    I chose it because i wanted a comfortable all day bike with a higher head tube rather than a full on racer. I've never had any regrets about it and have only changed the stem for fit.

    So IMHO it's a very good bike for the money though there are many more sportive bikes available now from all the manufacturers.
  • I've got a 2008 Synapse, it's very nice. Sadly I didnt get the carbon version (they didn't do that particular model in white last year :( )

    Also, the stem is designed in such a way that by flipping it over you change the geometry such that you can choose whether to have a more upright or more racey riding position.
    Rides a Cannondale Synapse 105.
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    if u r gonna try triathlon then don't get the synapse ... get a caad 9 ... it's a far racier machine ...

    you could also look at a Six13 which is kinda halfway between the two ... you can pick up one for <£1500 if you look about ... Evans have one for £1300 at present ...

    i ride a Six13 and it's not as fast on quick acceleration as my old Caad5 ... but it is far comfier to ride and still has a racy-ish set up if i feel that way inclined ...

    what size of bike will you need and/or how tall are you ... the geometry on a big synapse will deffo not be for racing ... the small ones you get away with it a bit more due to the shorter head tube (my gf has a alu. synapse in a wee size and it is fairly tight around the front end ... it's just the seat and chain stays that would dissaude me from racing on it, she says its far comfier than her previous treks tho) ...
  • i've gotta cannon 105 system six in liquigas colours which has sadly been gathering dust all of this year bar 3 or 4 rides at the most and its a great bike to ride, really fast, very responsive and climbs like a mountain goat but is still a very comfortable ride. Cant fault it at all, i had one for 6 months and it was giving me chronic back,neck and shoulder pain so i changed the 56cm for a 54cm and it feels far better although i've not done any big mileage on it yet... i paid for changing it as well £400 :oops: as it was my 1st road bike i didnt really know too much before splashing out £1700 on her, :oops: have a look below "felix's bike"
    felix's bike

    pedal like you stole something!!!
  • in fact it was more like £1950 when i think about it!!! god thats worse :oops: :oops:
    felix's bike

    pedal like you stole something!!!
  • Worth considering what Focus or Planet-x can offer for your money.
    Planet-x have been doing some good deals, and a Focus 2008 model from Wiggle could be worth considering.
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    Worth considering what Focus or Planet-x can offer for your money.
    Planet-x have been doing some good deals, and a Focus 2008 model from Wiggle could be worth considering.

    let the boy buy his cannondale and have a smile on his face ...