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Just put a deposit on this... opinions???

paulfitzpaulfitz Posts: 103
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Just couldnt refuse! Had looked at other bikes in that price range, but nothing seemed to match up to this... And the 2009 model is out and is £750, and there doesnt seem to be much more for the money.

Any opinions anyone... is it really that much of a bargain???

Cant wait now :twisted:


  • Mattbot2Mattbot2 Posts: 384
    Seems like a great deal :)
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  • BlackSpurBlackSpur Posts: 4,228
    Good price for a good bike. Well done!
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  • paulfitzpaulfitz Posts: 103
    Ta guys, think you have put my mind at rest...

    Ive looked around for bloody ages, had a go of a few, read up on reviews on here, other sites and thought id made my mind up on a Hardrock Pro (80 quid less, but the mrs doesnt know that...) then was browsing the LBS website this morn, seen that, popped in tonight, spoke to a lad i know who works there... SOLD!

    Really cant wait now.... get chrimbo out the way, wait for the cyclescheme window to open and the beauty is all mine!
  • Steve ISteve I Posts: 428
    Good shop Birkenhead Cycles. Just wish they were on the other side of the river.
  • paulfitzpaulfitz Posts: 103
    Steve I - Aye... havent bought a bike for bloody years, but always got them from there when i was a kid like.

    Like i said had my heart set on the HR Pro - which I would have got from edge lane - quinns i think??? but didnt wanna be havin to lug it over there for a service an all that.

    Havent even been to quinns to be honest - whats it like???
  • paulfitzpaulfitz Posts: 103
    Anybody else had one/ used one/ know somwone who has???

    Good or bad... the deposit is returnable after-all 8)
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