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New brakes for the Focus

biondinobiondino Posts: 5,990
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Hello! On the Focus I have FSA Energy brakes and have worn the brakes to the point where they need changing (only about 1500 miles, but most of that has been commuting through London). Wiggle sells this brakeset and says it uses Kool Stop DL pads, which have been excellent - but they don't seem to sell the pads separately, so I'm wondering if people with more confidence than me can recommend my next purchase. This includes, embarrassingly, telling me exactly what kind of pads I need as I'm a bit of a spazz and would probably buy the wrong type if left to my own devices.



  • cjcpcjcp Posts: 13,345
    FCN 2-4.

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  • biondinobiondino Posts: 5,990
    I probably can but nothing actually says it specifically fits FSA brakes. At least it's only £6 or so.

    Also, I don't like the "~Ultegra~105" bit of the name for these inserts :)
  • HortonHorton Posts: 327
    If you look at the back of the brake pads, ie the bit that doesn't touch the rim, is there a little screw in there? If so, these are cartrdge types and if you undo it you should be able to slide the remains of the pad out and replace - maybe compare with the pics on wiggle of the "inserts" type of pads to see if there's obvious similarites/differences or take them into Evans/LBS to make sure they're compatible.

    If there isn't a screw, you need completely new pads and can replace them with anything fit for a road bike i.e. not Vbrake. Cartridge type ones are more expensive, but once you've installed them, you never have to faff about getting the brakes set up again as you just replace the insert.
  • BD, as CJCP has suggested I would imagine those are what you are looking for. Do the check as horton has suggested and if you spot the screw your good to go with the inserts.
    Takes about 10 minutes to change the full set, including the time to clean yourself up and make sure you get the salmons! The braking from them in the wet or dry is superb and that was with the factory fit brakes on my Giant :-)
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  • FAT_ROBFAT_ROB Posts: 116
    Just take it to kwik fit?
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  • biondinobiondino Posts: 5,990
    Thanks all. I got the Koolstop salmon and they seem fine (not quite as sharp as my old Koolstop DLs but that might just be because they were worn in). As you said it was very simple to fit them, and it inspired me to clean my whole bike. Result :)
  • I use Kool Stop "Eagle 2". They're not meant for road bike calipers as they're too long to fit in front of the forks, but I just cut them down shorter, avoiding the metal plate inside.

    They also have a threaded stem and a nut instead of a hex bolt, but BOY, do they stop you, and they last ages. I use them on my Focus which I'm having to use as a courier bike due to a car driving over my old bike.

    But then, I am CRAZY.
  • zaneszanes Posts: 563
    *thread hijack*
    Does anyone know where I can buy the bolt that locks the pad in on cartridge brakes? Or failing that, the M-size.
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