Bristol commuters beware!

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I'm sure you're all law abiding really, but just in case you jump the odd light or use the pavement occasionally, you may want to reassess your behaviour, or face the wrath of Bristol's finest and a £30 fine!


  • Indeed. Saw the usual Gloucester Rd. RLJing saps all getting pulled over this morning. Oh how I larfed. :lol:
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    Glad the local rozzers are doing sometrhing about this. Can guarantee to see a pavement cyclist at 7am when the main road next to it is empty, if I happen to be coming out of my door and see then I make a big point of blocking the pavement so they eithe give me verbals or ride on the road. Sometimes I ask them if it would be better if I walk in the road so they can have the pavement to themselves.
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    Some wolly nearly shoulder barged me on the pavement this evening. Clear cycle lane to my right and he's choosing to ride where I'm walking. :? The next 3 that I saw I decided to amber slowly into their direction, and the last guy I pretended I was looking over to my right - I think I scared the guy a little. :lol:

    Sounds like you have it as bad as we do here in southampton
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    Interesting! Whereabouts on Gloucester Road?
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    Ah! Yes! It is pretty crap around there - I will be interested to see if Sustrans get involved as people are obviously finding that junction a hazard on a bike (personally, I don't, but I have cycled for a long time and am completely over confident :-))
  • Yeah, not the nicest junction and plenty of annoying manhole covers and uneven road surface.

    Normally quite fun commuting out of town via there tho.. Lots of cyclists at the lights seem to be keen on playing The Game.
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  • I only think this is a tricky junction if you can't be arsed to wait for the lights, which admittedly can take their time. There is a cycle box both ways so you can get to the front of the queing traffic, and once you're there 'bob's your uncle'.

    Also, as the Broguadier suggests, it is a great place for playing 'The Game', particulalry if you're headed up the road; a long fast ramp which lets you snatch scalp after scalp at rush hour... (where are all the roadies though?!)
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    Remember where a local authority clamps down you must obey the law perfectly. So feel free to slow down traffic speeds at rush hour etc, after all the council wouldn't want you to hit a drain grate in the wet would they?
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    John Roy, the city council officer leading the project, said it was crucial to the success of the scheme that the relationship between the city's cyclists and motorists improved.

    He said: "Riding through red lights is a big issue because it is dangerous for everyone and it does nothing to ease the tension between cyclists and car drivers.

    "It's very difficult to get the motoring community on board with the Cycling City project if they think that cyclists are always breaking the law.

    "What we are doing today is not using a sledgehammer to crack a nut but there are a few cyclists in the city who make life really difficult for the rest of them."Motorists have to accept cyclists on the road but if we are asking our politicians to make decisions which encourage more people to ride bikes then there's got to be an understanding among the cycling community that they are part of the road using group and they have to obey the law."
    John Roy sounds like someone who knows what he's talking about - treating cyclists as traffic.

    It's good to see some action being taken by a council / police force in a positive way for a change.
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    The fools are still at it and their actions have been caught on film. Watch the Brommie :shock: ... ticle.html
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