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What length is a handpump?

ansbaradigeidfranansbaradigeidfran Posts: 526
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I always thought that "zefal" frame-mounted handpumps were a standard shape. I used clip-on mounts on the bikes I had when I was young, but as there are now two Raleigh-built frames in the house with braze-on mounts, I went out yesterday and bought a 15" handpump.

So why is it about two inches too short for both frames? :(

Is this another example of Raleigh using their own sizes and ignoring the rest of the world? If so, are there any cheap handpumps of the right dimensions in existence?


  • wgwarburtonwgwarburton Posts: 1,863
    Nope, they come in different sizes to fit different frames.

  • Okay, so they come in different sizes. But while looking for pumps of lengths other than 15", I find these sorts of things:
    PU04%20300x.jpg 13354sks_l.jpg
    Which appear to me as if they want to fit against the tubes themselves, as opposed to the brazen-on pins that I've got. Any pointers for some of the old fashioned variety, like this:
    ...but longer?
  • jcukjcuk Posts: 15
    I used to have a pump like the grey & black one in the middle picture and although mine clipped on the frame tubes by itself, it had recesses in each end to fit braze on pins too. I think in the photo you can even see one of the recesses in the handle - there should be one on the other end as well.
  • The SKS ones (middle image) do have recesses for frame pins.
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