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Hi all,

Can anyone reccomend any essential reading for learning about cycle maintenence. I want to start doing my own stuff on my bike to try save a bit of cash!!




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    Zinn And The Art Of Road Bike Maintenance - Lenard Zinn.

    Also, and
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    whyamihere wrote:
    Zinn And The Art Of Road Bike Maintenance - Lenard Zinn.

    Also, and
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    Have a look at the one day courses with EBC. I know its a bit of an outlay but I think it was worth it. I really enjoyed it and it was much easier than just trying to read a website/book. You get to work on your own bike too so you learn while your bike gets a full service. ... ct=c007789

    Another good web source is bike tutor
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    If you haven't found it already this site is very good
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  • I've got Chris Sidwells Bike Repair Manual, which is ok I suppose, but nothing beats joining a course. The EBC mentioned above run courses, but an excellent alternative (providing you live in Edinburgh, or thereabouts) is the BikeStation 3 week course for £30.

    They also run "fix your own bike" sessions where you can use their facilities and ask advice from the inhouse mechanics.
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  • Look at Sheldon's website

    Park tool big blue book of cycle repair

    and haynes do a cycle manual, thats what i learn't from!
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    aye i agree the zinn book is very good. i also bought the haynes book and its not a patch on the zinn one. :)