Tom Avon 'elite touring bike' ?

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Has anyone heard of this bike and maker?

Tom Avon 'elite touring bike'

Much appreciated Gary


  • redvee
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    I think he was based around Bristol, not sure exactly where but deffo in yokel country
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  • GaryGkn
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    Thanks for that.

    There is nowt on the net so I am hopeful that something may turn up on the forum.
  • tatanab
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    Tom Avon was the trading name of a small shop in Bedminster, a southern suburb of Bristol. There was a small shop frontage with a frame building set up in the back room. I cannot remember the chap's name. This was in the early 80s. He was never in the top echelons of frame builders and I am not sure when the business packed in, but I doubt it was any later than late 80s.